Class Descriptions

Yoga Bliss offers a variety of yoga classes from slow and meditative to challenging and empowering.  The signature style offered is vinyasa flow yoga, a dynamic style of yoga where movement is linked with breath combined with a focus on breath, posture, and steady gaze point.  In addition, hatha yoga and yin/yang yoga are offered which focus on alignment, a slower pace, and deeper stretching.

  • Beginner’s and Slower Paced Classes:  Ideal for new students of yoga and for those seeking a slower paced, gentle, deep stretch, meditative class.  Classes offered include:  Hatha Yoga, Yin/Yang, Vinyasa (Level 1 / Beginner’s), & Candlelight Yin Flow 
  • Vigorous/Challenging Flow Classes:  Consist of dynamic yoga sequencing to bring strength, balance, flexibility, and transformation includes balancing postures, forward bending, back bending, side bending, arm balances, inversions, standing and seated postures.  Classes offered include:  Vinyasa Flow (Mixed Levels), Power Vinyasa (Mixed Levels), Hot Power Vinyasa (Heated up to 95 degrees), Sunrise Flow, Core Vinyasa

Detailed descriptions: