Settling back into home life after a 5 day teacher training intensive in Rocket Yoga w/ David Kyle! What a week!  What is Rocket Yoga?  Why did I decide to do this training?  Well, initially I was TERRIFIED of attending. . I had signed up months ago, and realized I couldn't back out days before the training.  It felt like a HUGE WAVE was coming towards me and I had to start paddling and learning how to surf, otherwise I would drown! What makes Rocket Yoga so unique and fun is that it empowers students to go for postures and variations they may not otherwise incorporate and the freedom and creativity to do so.  To tap into an inner strength so that what seems impossible becomes possible!  And really, once you're able to handstand with ease. . it's no big deal, right?  But the JOURNEY to handstand, the breathing, the focus, the falling, learning how to feel your body in space, the struggle, the ease, it's all apart of the journey and that, to me, is the best part!  In this training, I realized it is a journey of inner strength -- of going for postures that terrify me, where there is grit, and it's not necessarily pretty, there's grunting, there's sweat, there's a feeling of I can't do this, but I will and I can. . and after 75-90 minutes of deep breathing, focus, sweat, you let it go. . and you may notice somethings have shifted. . you're in a new space of awareness, of strength, of peace. . and that's why I was drawn to do something out of my comfort zone.  

In Rocket, there's an ebb and flow of stimulation, of energizing inversions to flush the body with fresh prana and energy with grounding postures such as hip openers and forward bends.  It is rooted in traditional ashtanga methodology of tristana (breath, energetic locks, and gaze point).  This tristana method is the heart of ashtanga vinyasa, of vinyasa flow, and of rocket yoga.   You practice the ujjayi pranayama (breath with sound) to create full, deep, cleansing breaths, engagement of the pelvic floor and navel (called the bandhas), and your gaze point to one steady place to produce a state of inner focus and concentration.  From that space, handstands, presses, and arm balances and deeper forward bends and back bends are possible!  In each class, there's space to explore techniques for handstands, forearm stands, crow posture and variations.  

Stay tuned for more info on a rocket yoga class coming to Yoga Bliss!  We will start with a Rocket 1, and with time incorporate Rocket 2 and 3!  All levels will be welcome!