"When I first began studying yoga in 1986, the model of a teacher at the head of the room and a square of students following was the strict norm often with masterful, charismatic, authoritarian teachers leading the way. Times are changing. I am inspired by the power of gathering in a circle as a model of inclusiveness. The circle can release hierarchy and often more bring more engagement in the process. And now more than ever we need to come together in a way that honors individuality within the collective pulse. The mandala invites community. The Tantric revolution from which yoga asanas emerged was radical in continuing the inclusive model of equal men, women and all backgrounds. The circle invites embodiment and participation.  Turning towards each other is a vulnerable openness. There is no place to hide and yet all are held by the center point - the hub which is greater than all, the open space. In the flow of yoga, as we begin to breathe and move together while simultaneously finding our own center, the circle becomes natural and free." -Shiva Rea