Excited to be sharing my first Yoga Bliss blog post!  Just finished a wonderful 4 day immersion with Shiva Rea in Washington, DC.  I have been studying with Shiva since 2008 and what I love about her style is that her sequencing is intelligent, nourishing, circulating, and so well balanced.  Shiva offers energetic vinyasa with roots in ayurveda, tantra, sacred movement arts, poetry, and more!  For this training/immersion, we practiced in a mandala form/circular form in the beautiful All Souls Unitarian Church.  We began with walking in a huge circle and stopped in each of the four directions (north, south, east, west) and practiced prostrations for peace.  This set the tone for each day's training-- a movement meditation that led to a natural meditation once we settled on our mat.  We explored foundational flows, elemental flows (earth, water, fire, air), and chakra flows.  

Some key ingredients for a great prana flow practice:

  • Bhava - translates as "feeling state" or "feeling mind".  This is the quality you bring to your practice (the way a musician plays their instrument, the way a dancer moves).  The quality of bhava evokes a feeling/ a vibe to your flow (such as devotion, love, peace, strength, compassion, humility).
  • Music - music (typically without lyrics) helps entrain the brain and heart waves and syncopates the class rhythm for the flow of practice.  Deep, rhythmic beats are good for earth and fire practices.  Soft, flute music is great for water and air practices. 

Come to Sabina's classes this week and experience practicing in a mandala form on your mat!