When our dear Yoga Bliss instructor Cynthia let me know her friend who studied extensively in India and teaches Ashtanga is interested in teaching at Yoga Bliss, I was ecstatic!  I have longed to formally study ashtanga/primary series under a teacher and it just hadn't happened due to timing, work, and location.  While I have been fortunate to have been steeped in various adaptations of ashtanga in what we call modern day vinyasa flow-- to study the traditional Ashtanga Primary series, and be led by a teacher who can help you develop was so exciting!  Enter in Braja Kishori!  If you haven't taken class with her yet, I highly recommend it!  Braja sings beautifully, holds a steady strong space for practice, challenges you, encourages you to take the next step, and helps you develop as a student!  

I have been creating space each week to take Braja's Wednesday morning, 9:30 AM Ashtanga Primary Series.  The traditional practice is no joke-- it is a journey into strength-- the amount of chaturanga dandasanas, jump throughs, and challenging and SCARY postures (headstand, chakrasana (backwards somersault)) yet it is attainable, with steadiness, patience, and faith that you can do it.  I have realized it doesn't matter how it looks from the outside-- I just have to show up on my mat and keep putting in the work with patience, and with time I have seen growth in my practice!  Baby steps. . and it's coming along!  

The Ashtanga Primary Series translates to "Yoga Therapy" and is meant to cleanse the digestive system, strengthen your mental endurance, and transform any mind chatter and doubt into a steady peacefulness and inner faith.  The practitioner takes on different shapes seen in nature. . such as tortoise and fish.  As I have been practicing, I realize a new world is opening in my body and mind. 

If you're interested in Ashtanga Primary Series, come check out Braja's led class offered on Wednesdays at 9:30 AM and select Saturdays at 2:00 PM.  

See you on the mat! :)