A commonly asked question I get as an instructor is, "what kind of yoga mat do you recommend?"  Not all mats are created equal when it comes to stickiness, durability, quality of material.  This post will take a look at some popular yoga mats and hopefully be a helpful guide in your future mat purchases!

  • Manduka Yoga Mats (manduka.com)
    • Yoga Bliss uses the Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat ($82) for students to borrow.  This mat has moderate stickiness, 4.7 mm in thickness, comes in standard and extra long lengths, made of PVC (non-toxic/emissions-free).  I personally own 2 Prolite yoga mats and 1 Manduka Pro mat ($110) (6 mm thickness and 7.5 lbs) and am pretty happy with them!  They also have a lifetime guarantee.
    • Manduka Eko Yoga Mat ($88)  - made of rubber.  5 mm in thickness and stickiness.  Only negative is that after practicing on this mat you may smell like rubber and it's heavier to haul around!
  • Jade Yoga Mat (jadeyoga.com)
    • Harmony Mat ($75) - Made of rubber.  3/16" in thickness.  I own one of these mats as well, my only issue with Jade mats is that they wear down pretty quickly and the rubber mat is more porous than the Manduka one.  The mat is very sticky and has a nice feel/texture to it!  Also, don't leave it in the car or sun, because that will break down the mat quickly and dry it out.
  • Lululemon "Reversible Mat" $68 (lululemon.com)
    • Although I do not own this mat, I have seen many students use this mat in class.  Initially there is a "strong" smell that requires it to be aired out, however, this mat is VERY sticky.  If you have an issue with sweaty palms and feet, I recommend you check this mat out at the lululemon store!  
  • Lifeforme Mat
    • to be continued. . . . :)