Sabina Grewal, Founder, Owner, & Director of Yoga Bliss, E-RYT 500

Sabina is a dedicated yogini, professional full-time yoga teacher, and owner and director of Yoga Bliss. Sabina opened Yoga Bliss in August 2011 and created the studio offerings from her heart. She has a degree in Finance and East Asian Studies from The College of William and Mary. After working in finance, she felt a calling to dedicate her life work to yoga. Sabina taught in the Washington, DC metro area for over 10 years at George Washington University, Georgetown Law, yoga studios, and boutique gyms before opening Yoga Bliss.

She has studied with teachers-– Ki McGraw and Bob Smith of Hatha Yoga Center, Baron Baptiste of Power Vinyasa Yoga, Patty Ivey of Down Dog Yoga, Shiva Rea of Prana Flow Yoga, Jason Crandell, Donna Farhi, and David Kyle of Progressive Ashtanga Yoga. She hopes to guide students to their own experience of yoga in their mind, body, and breath.

She is a 200 hour certified Hatha teacher (Hatha Yoga Center, Seattle), 200 hour certified Power Vinyasa teacher (Down Dog Yoga, Georgetown, DC), 300 hour certified Prana Flow Teacher (Shiva Rea, LA), 350 hour certified Rocket Vinyasa teacher, Slings & Rope certified w/ Alison West (Yoga Union, NYC), Equinox Mat Pilates certified, & Core Mat I & II Power Pilates certified. She is currently enrolled in the Power Pilates Comprehensive program at Georgetown Pilates. She has over 12,000 hours of practice in teaching students yoga since 2004.

She looks forward to sharing her love of yoga & pilates with the Yoga Bliss community! See you on the mat soon! :-)

Find her on Instagram @yogablissstudios and @jewelinthelotus108

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Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Certifications: 200 Hour Certified
In my class you can expect: an empowering faster paced adventure enabling you to flow through each moment. Breath by breath into a new moment revealing your true path to connect to your highest self. We can move faster to get out of our own heads and directly into the practice, accessing your mind, body and spirit. We sweat to cleanse. We ohm to remind us we hold energy that can shift our world and giving thanks to our practice and community, connecting through sound. We challenge ourselves to reach a new hight on and off the mat.
When I am not teaching you can find me: in my music studio producing music. Everyday and night. And if I'm not there, I find my self adventuring with my amazing girlfriend in a state park or somewhere with nature.. or a different country! I travel a lot and always learning.
My badass moment: was busting out yoga moves and handstands into some break dance moves on stage during the hype finale with Enrique Iglesias. During the tours in the past I joined the band as his DJ.
Yoga myth: I can't. Handstands are hard. I'm not flexible enough!
My mantra: I got this I got this I got this! If you truly believe, you can do anything.



Natasha started practicing yoga in her native Belarus with the book “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S.Iyengar (the only option at a time). After coming to the US, she spent several years practicing intensive vinyasa flow but eventually came back to Iyengar yoga, which remains her practice today. Natasha is drawn to the fundamental understanding of asanas as well as deep and challenging rigor of Iyengar system which are close to her scientific background. Natasha’s teaching style is rooted in her practice and it emphasizes alignment and attention to individual features of the students. Natasha completed 200 hr teacher training with Yoga Works. She studied advanced asana and Pranayama with John Schumacher for many years and attended numerous workshops and intensives with senior Iyengar teachers. Her current teacher and mentor is Winnie Au.



Alison completed her teacher training at Thrive Yoga in Rockville, MD and is a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) through Yoga Alliance. She’s also an RRCA-Certified Running Coach, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and Women’s Fitness Specialist (WFS). In early 2017, she expanded her yoga teacher training by studying under Sage Rountree. She has completed advanced-level anatomy and myofascial release training with Tiffany Cruikshank through Yoga Medicine’s 500-hour yoga teacher training program. She has also received specialized training in yoga for athletes with Sage Rountree, injury prevention with Jason Crandell, and biomechanics with Jules Mitchell.

Alison – an ultra-marathoner, obstacle course racer and triathlete - was initially drawn to teaching yoga due to her desire to share the benefits of yoga with others as a way to help them move better and feel better in their own skin. She believes in maximizing individual potential in a compassionate and self-loving way rather than through harsh treatment and judgment. Alison’s classes are grounded, empowering and fun. When she’s not teaching yoga or coaching endurance athletes, she’s writing about it as a regular fitness and mind-body contributor to online publications.

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Jessie began her yoga journey right here at Yoga Bliss Studios. Coming from an athletic background, she was recruited by the University of Maryland to throw hammer and discus on the track team, where she served as a team captain and became an all-ACC thrower. Jessie graduated and for the first time in her life, she wasn’t part of any team or athletic community. Searching for something to fill that void, Jessie found her way into Yoga Bliss. While she was initially drawn to the challenging asana practice, what she found was so much more than a sport replacement!

Jessie still loves her sweaty asana practice, but she’s drawn to the other benefits of yoga as well. Since beginning her 200-hour YTT, she’s begun to explore the powerful benefits of connecting the mind with the physical body.

Although she was not initially planning on becoming a teacher, it became the natural next step when so many teammates, friends and coworkers started asking her to teach them. Jessie now looks forward to sharing her energetic practice with others, while encouraging them to listen to their bodies and stay present. How beautiful it is to share this gift with the world!

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Dorianne has practiced yoga for most of her adult life, and began teaching yoga in 2009. Her devotion to her practice instilled deeper peace and balance while facing the daily demands of her work as a high school language arts teacher.

During her career transition to the healing and performing arts, she traveled the east coast offering yoga fusion workshops that emphasized devotional yoga and chant through Kirtans, also known as Bhakti.

Currently she works as a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, yoga & meditation instructor, while performing as a dancer and vocalist. Bringing poetry to life, Dorianne nurtures passion and creativity within her instruction, choreography, composition, and other collaborative efforts.

Dorianne’s bicultural upbringing has fostered an appreciation of cultural diversity throughout her life’s journey. Early childhood influences emphasizing compassion towards others and appreciation of the natural world have helped shape the personal philosophy that she brings to her heartfelt and inclusive instruction and artistic endeavors.

Additionally, Dorianne’s pursuit in living a spiritual life in harmony with the mind-body-spirit connection drives her fundamental need to share creative energy, wellness, and livelihood with others.

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Kevin has been practicing yoga for 10 years. His journey began with a spinal infection in 2009; yoga offered the healing he was looking for. He decided through his healing experience that he wanted to spread the love and knowledge of yoga. In June 2013, Kevin trained at Kripalu in Massachusetts. He has gone through periods of teaching yin, hatha, vinyasa, restorative, master classes, etc.. His practice and teaching tends to be geared towards diving inward and moving mindfully.

Kevin’s classes are soulful, energetic expressions of life and yoga. He allows space and intention for creative expression and development of your own yogic practice, while celebrating the connection we each bring as individuals into one community. His connection to intention and meditation is clear and allows each yogi to know themselves on a deeper level.

Kevin honors each yogis journey. Kevin’s most recent adventure involved trekking across the country and back this summer. He loves nature, slacklining, and anything outdoors. His mission is to co-create a world of peace and union through teaching and loving.



Andrea has been practicing yoga since 1999, and teaching since 2005. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance, having completed her 200-hour teacher training program at Tranquil Space Yoga in Washington, D.C.

She enjoys sharing the benefits of yoga with yogis of all ages and abilities, and has received specialized training in prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, yoga for children & teens, and therapeutic yoga. Andrea holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore (2011) and has interwoven her knowledge of mental health and yoga to create popular workshops on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression.

Andrea intuitively creates classes that combine yoga philosophy, music, meditation, devotion, and challenging asana sequences. Her calm, gentle presence creates a nurturing space in which students can relax and allow their inner beauty to shine through. Andrea’s classes reflect her belief that yoga is for everyone and teaches classes tailored to the needs of her students that encourage them to honor and listen to their bodies, cultivate their inner wisdom, and recover the knowledge of their own divine nature.

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Emily seeks to help people feel empowered and at ease in their bodies, whether they are longtime yogis or brand new to mindful movement practice. In her one-on-one teaching, she leads students to find sustainable practices that work for them; in a group class, she'll guide you through a progressively-sequenced practice with a strong dose of movement variety - not your typical vinyasa class, but instead, a flowing practice that lights up muscles you didn't know you had to create yoga poses that feel more fully alive, and rest that feels more restful.

Emily began teaching in 2011 after taking a 200-hr training steeped in Kripalu and Prana Flow-style yoga, and has also studied prenatal yoga with April Puciata, Curvy Yoga with Anna Guest-Jelley, Prana Flow with Shiva Rea and Yin Yoga with Yael Flusberg. These days, she is particularly interested in borrowing techniques from pilates, feldenkrais, strength training, and other movement practices to balance the emphasis that traditional yoga practice places on passive flexibility.

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Tiffany B.

Tiffany is a lifelong dancer who was introduced to the Ashtanga style of yoga by a university dance professor. Decades later, she is still practicing, and a move to London gave her the opportunity to turn her interest into a career. She is certified as a children’s yoga teacher from Karma Kids Yoga in New York and YogaBugs in the UK. In 2016, she embarked on the life-changing journey of studying with Jamie Clarke, Dulce Aguilar and The Yoga People where she received her 200 hour teacher training certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga. She has since added Mandala Vinyasa and Yin trainings to her repertoire. Tiffany is a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 and certified in adult and pediatric first aid. Her classes are athletic and energetic, embracing the transformative nature of yoga, breathwork and meditation.



Cleo began practicing yoga in 2011 and received her teacher training in vinyasa flow at Yoga Bliss in 2018. Cleo’s classes cultivate strength, balance, focus and peace with variations and options for everyone. Off the mat, Cleo is an immigration attorney who works on humanitarian and victim protection cases. She is grateful for the resiliency and compassion her yoga practice has given her and draws endless inspiration from the friendly and dedicated yogis at Yoga Bliss.

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Gail is a certified yoga instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200) and has been a practitioner in various styles of yoga since 2001. She conveys her enthusiasm for life and yoga through her physically challenging classes that focus on strength, flexibility and proper body alignment. Her classes also emphasize mindfulness through the use of pranayama cuing. Gail’s classes are always interesting and fun due to her use of innovative asana combinations. She eagerly looks forward to sharing these yoga gifts with her students.

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Braja is an accomplished Asana and Pranayama teacher (RYT-500) who infuses her classes with positive and tranquil energy. Having lived and studied in India (Rishikesh, Vrindavan, and Mysore), she upholds tradition through well-balanced practice with a lot of personal assistance, breath work, mantra and philosophy. Since her youth, she has immersed herself into the finer mysteries of yoga in its many forms and happily shares her deep love and passion for spirituality with all. Braja is also a Certified Medical Massage (PIMT) and Trigger Point (CMTPT) Therapist, who blends her therapeutic knowledge with breathing methods to create a personalized treatment for everyone.



Maureen loves to use her science and psychology background to enhance the more esoteric components of yogic practice. Everyone is given the freedom to explore their individual inner and outer worlds on the mat, while enjoying a peaceful community atmosphere in a safe space. Classes feature unique and creative sequences with focus upon the breath and meditation to promote stress relief, balance, and tranquility in mind, body, and spirit.



I had this crazy idea that life could be easy. But life never felt easy, it was hard - a constant struggle. This compelled me to seek answers looking for either ease or a more productive way to struggle. Which began my journey into the healing arts. The plants were first, teaching me about healing with herbs and whole foods. The plants taught me that the body never does anything wrong, and that all symptoms are an attempt to get one's attention and heal. This way of seeing opened the door to the "Great Mystery" and I started to question why some heal and others do not. This question lead me to graduate school to study integrative psychotherapy. Pastoral Counseling explores the intersection of psychology and spirituality. In working with clients - specializing in trauma recover - I learned that the body must be part of healing. Retelling our stories, though valuable, is not enough. This led me back to a passion I had engaged as a child, yoga.

My first yoga teacher training (YTT) was with Yahwah Yoga - a yoga that integrates the teachings of Jesus into the practice. My second YTT was with The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda. I loved the Yoga Nidra! One of the primary knowings about trauma and stress is that in order to heal we must be able to rest and restore. That is the whole premise of Yoga Nidra - to help the body reset and remember how to relax. I knew that in this practice was the ease I had been searching my whole life! Upon graduating from YTT a friend introduced me to a form of Yoga Nidra called iRest, that had been refined by a clinical psychologist and yogi, and could be taught in both group classes and individual practice. iRest meditation combines and integrates all the pieces of my lived experience and training - Mind, Body, Spirit. My friend was right (thanks Liz;) and here I am blessed to share with the Yoga Bliss community a profound way to experience ease, and healing! Please come try a class and see for yourself.

Tina teaches iRest on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 7:30 - 8:30 PM. No yoga experience required!



Bernadette is a 500-hr yoga teacher, yoga therapist-in-training, Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher, and owner of wellness lifestyle company and chic leggings line, Doll Yoga Wear, LLC. She has been teaching group yoga classes for over seven years, and also specializes in developing unique yoga practices for individuals and special populations, including (but not limited to) military personnel and their families, corporate wellness settings, kids, and seniors. She brings the authentic and traditional teachings of yoga and applies them to your modern lifestyle in a simple and effective way. Bernadette has experienced the powerful life-changing effects of yoga, and is excited to help others move in the direction of their highest potential by way of these ancient teachings.